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The Rawlinson Refresh


We’ll dub this a mini blog, because the pictures truly will speak for themselves on this particular project. And thank goodness, because we have such a great rapport with our amazing Rawlinson clients that it was tough to distance ourselves from that familiarity to articulate the evolution of the project anyways! Andrea was “adopted” by the Rawlinson’s long ago and because of their close bond, finding the pulse on their ongoing renovation project is second nature to her now. Together they’ve been re-imagining the dining room, the living room, a mega charming powder bath we’ve shared on Instagram before, and soon they’ll tackle the entire master suite. But today’s star is their gorgeous kitchen renovation. We’re so thankful to have found our new favorite photographic genius, Frank James. His talents arrived just in time for this project spotlight! The byline on the James and Company Photography website reads “we love photos that are bright, lively, and occasionally a little dramatic", and boy did his natural lighting skills shine paired with this bright and airy space!

Mrs. Rawlinson always struggled with her kitchen; despite an abundance of windows, it had a dark, heavy vibe that she just couldn’t shake. Andrea described the original cabinet hue as a sort of mushroom color with a glaze, and combined with the dark backsplash and counters, green walls, and heavy window blinds, it was a recipe for dingy and dim. The family was ready to rip out the entire kitchen and start from scratch, but Andrea saw potential in the cabinets. “I thought the cabinet style was pretty, and I was very attracted to the vent hood especially. The footprint of the kitchen was perfect, so I felt confident in assuring her that if we just painted what she had, she’d still feel like she had a brand new kitchen!”

And so the cabinet painting commenced. In fact, the walls, trim, and cabinets all received the same soothing white finish(Sherwin Williams Alabaster) to brighten the space. The island was painted a soft grey with a tinge of blue in it to play off the new marble counter tops with calm grey veining. Extending the marble up to the range hood served to lighten and elevate the entire wall of cabinetry. Meanwhile, the bright approach continued on the opposite wall with a new coordinating tile backsplash. Sometimes though, it’s the smaller adjustments that lend the biggest transformations. Andrea smiled as she elaborated “The kitchen was painted, the counters were installed, but those blinds were still up. I convinced her to go with roman shades, and the instant those old blinds came down, she couldn’t get over the difference! So now we’ve removed the shutters and blinds from several other windows throughout the house because Allyson just loves the flood of light that comes in.”

With finishes complete, it was time to refresh the fixtures. Andrea knew the room really needed a statement, so she chose to exchange 3 island pendants that seemed to fade into the background for 2 oversized ones that were just the little bit of drama the kitchen demanded. “Those Visual Comfort fixtures are just such a moment. They’re large and command the space, while everything else is calmer and more subdued. I always call lighting the jewelry of the space, and Allyson loves jewelry, so she was very appreciative of those pendants!” Once the gold accents of the new lighting set the tone, the door hardware and faucets were swapped to stunning gold Delta options as well, and with that, the Rawlinson Refresh was complete!

We hope you enjoy fawning over all the visuals on a kitchen that rediscovered her stunning natural lighting potential and gained a bit of sassy accent lighting in the process. This bright, polished new space finally speaks to her poised and ultra-stylish home owners, and we couldn’t be happier with the result!


Before & After- The original range hood detailing was stunning, it simply needed fresh paint to breathe new life.

Before & After- The right paint selection makes the space. Lighter cabinets finished in SW Alabaster brighten the space and enhance the beauty of the hardwood floors. Meanwhile, a new marble counter, grey paint, and coordinating Serena and Lily stools allow the island to command the space like never before.

Before & After- Cluttered windows and bland island pendants did little to shine on this kitchen's best features, but now we're seeing this space in a whole new light!

Before & After- Gold knobs, bright new counters and backsplash, and a few Wares Collection home accents complete the aesthetic.



Kitchen Design/ Styling: Andrea Wilson @ Wilhouse Designs

Kitchen Accessories: Wares Co. by Wilhouse Designs

Island Seating: Serena and Lily

Lighting- Visual Comfort

Faucets- Delta

Fern Arrangement: The Greenery

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