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  • Jennifer Chartier

At Home With Andrea- The Music Room Edition

Ask any designer about the status of their own home, and they’ll tell you that being totally immersed in the art and design world is a bit of a blessing AND a curse. Between constant exposure to the latest trends, and the sea of inspiration we follow in the trade publications and fellow professionals we cheer for on Instagram, it’s safe to say our personal home projects are ever evolving. It might be safer to say that there is likely an underground support group for spouses of interior designers! As we hone our eye and our families grow, our functional needs and aesthetic wants shift at home. Sometimes it demands simpler changes like a furniture refresh, and other times we get the opportunity to completely re-imagine an entire space. Andrea’s OXR Farmhouse is on track for a few big evolutions of its own this year, so we’re pleased to introduce you to our new At Home with Andrea series. The first edition will follow the transformation of their former nursery into an eclectic music room.


If you followed along with the OXR Farmhouse origin story in the summer of 2018, you witnessed Andrea’s bump updates marching in step with every construction post. Sweet baby Jett joined the family a mere month before move-in, completing a whirlwind year! Andrea chose a first-floor room close to the master suite to create Jett’s light and airy nursery knowing that he would graduate to a new room upstairs near his big sister once he left the crib life (and late nights) behind! Time has flown, as it does with littles, and now that Jett is happily settled into his “big-boy” space, the former nursery is open for all the possibilities!

Located in perfect proximity to the Master bedroom, the space served its nursery purpose beautifully. So many Saturday mornings spent playing in the sunshine and countless bedtime stories read in the rocker, but this room is ready for a new style of family time!

Where some might imagine a standard study or home office as the likely candidates for the new space, it’s crucial to highlight the role music plays in the Wilson household. Alan, a skilled guitarist, has been a member of two bands, while Andrea grew up playing the piano and trumpet. “A true passion for music has just always been embedded in our relationship,” Andrea reflected. “One of our favorite things to do as a couple is attend concerts, and our home is always buzzing with music in some capacity.” And so, a formal music room arises as the only logical choice. In summarizing the function and feelings she’s hoping to illicit, Andrea described “I wanted a chill kind of moody atmosphere for jam sessions, for listening to albums, for being inspired. It’s important to have a designated space for Alan to just plug in and play, because that’s his outlet, the thing he craves when he wants to relieve stress and relax.” The guitar won’t be the only instrumental feature in the room, as Andrea plans to transfer her piano from her parents’ house. She’s eager to pick up playing again, but even more importantly, her kids have become interested in piano lessons too!

Andrea graciously granted a rare peek behind the curtain as the music room awaits renovation!

With the need for a zen family music sanctuary established, design inspiration quickly followed. Andrea explains “While working on a hotel project a few years ago, we visited several different bars and restaurants for research. One particular spot in Atlanta called The Consulate stuck with me. The walls were filled with pictures of musicians, fun artifacts and memorabilia, and it was dark and moody. It just had this vibe about it. Every time I thought about my music room, I thought about the way The Consulate made me feel.”

Perfect examples of all the decadent inspiration to be found at The Consulate, borrowed straight from their website! Don't miss this experience next time you're in Atlanta!

And so with The Consulate as design fuel, Andrea has created a handsome, layered den with places to display their favorite album covers and all the musical artifacts they’ve acquired together. The white walls will receive picture frame molding before the entire room, including trim and doors, is painted a rich Farrow and Ball grey called “Beetle Black”. The ceiling will feature a sexy gold Kravet wallcovering for just a touch of rock n’ roll flair. Custom built-in bookcases will also earn the dark paint treatment, balancing the wood tones in Andrea’s upright piano. Gold will echo in the modern pendant light fixture and bookcas sconces. Masculine textures continue to layer in as she relocates the large leather swivel chairs from her living room and introduces a light woven Jaipur rug to the color palette. An acrylic desk is already on order to accommodate occasional work from home sessions of the non-musical variety. Guitars are undeniably art, so Alan’s collection will be wall mounted to pop against the dark picture frame molding. And perhaps the most exciting pop of rock n’ roll will be front and center over the piano- an original oil painting of Slash that Andrea gifted to a husband who is quite possibly his biggest fan!

Pouring over the dream wish list for the new family space she and Alan are carving out, Andrea has a single goal “I want to be able to walk in and say wow this is rich with our lives, it’s the epitome of who we are together.” She has no doubt turned this passion project into one that will beautifully reveal the couple's passion for music. And with any luck, family time spent here will allow them to pass that passion down to their kids as well! We look forward to sharing more on this musical metamorphosis over the next month as furnishings arrive, cabinetry and millwork installs, and the magic begins to take shape!


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