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At Home with Andrea- The Holiday House Tour Edition


It's wild to realize that we're a mere 10 days away from Christmas Eve! This December seems to be one for the record books; in talking with friends and other school moms, I know I'm not alone in sensing that so much extra seems to have been added this year, perhaps to make up for the last few years. Don't get me wrong, I'm cherishing every second of this season, but it certainly has me thinking about all that "more, more, more" and the idea of pairing down to what really matters and what brings you joy! As I began to transition into the Christmas spirit last month (because I'm definitely a decorate before Thanksgiving kind of a girl), I happened upon a Martha Stewart article the "8 Trends to Skip when you Deck Your Halls this Year" that admittedly called me out on one or two things! I couldn't help but look back at pictures from my first holiday blog last year and it raised a fun little discussion around the Wilhouse studio on holiday decor. Specifically, what stays, what evolves, and how do you adjust to trends and changing tastes without re-buying every single decoration yearly?! Essentially, how do you avoid the "more" in favor of the things that really count? Not that ol' Mrs. Stewart pressured me, but I sought to answer those questions for myself and find the balance between the nostalgic, meaningful decorations and the newer statement pieces that brought me the most joy in my home. So the house tour you're about to peruse will look a little different than the view of my "nutcracker suite" table arrangement from 2021. Several of my staples remain, like the faux garlands I adore around the kitchen and living room, and so many of our cherished ornaments. But you'll see I've decided to tone down color schemes and pair back a little, including letting my nutcrackers stay in hibernation. Overall, my goal was to move away from "playful" to a sophisticated, more curated vibe that would mesh with the other refreshes my OXR farmhouse has seen this year. And I can honestly say I'm thrilled with the result; this year's holiday home tour feels the most like me and my design aesthetic! I definitely believe it's possible to keep your favorites, deciding what's timeless to you, while still layering a bit of new in from season to season if you'd like. At the end of the day, Christmas is about the memories and doing what works best for your family and the way you like to celebrate around your home, and if a decoration sings to you, I say display it proudly. Rules are made to be broken, yes, even Martha's rules! Without further ado, I hope you enjoy scrolling through my holiday home tour, we've included shopping links and more info throughout! ~Andrea Wilson


Welcome to the OXR Farmhouse, a stunning, custom-built modern farmhouse Andrea shares with husband Alan, and their two children.

The family room is the first to usher you into a festive home decked in muted jewel tones, luxe blue velvet ribbon, and pops of "poinsettia red".

The sweeping two story space lends itself to extra little moments of holiday decorating magic, from the lighted banister garlands, to a smaller "children's tree" that adds visual balance in the loft above.

The view that perfectly encapsulates the entire holiday aesthetic this year- These glass trees found at the Cody Foster showroom on the last trip to Atlanta Market were a "love at first site" moment for Andrea. They felt nostaglic, yet current, with an upscale, tailored vibe. And they offered that characteristic hit of color that Andrea craves for every space! So it was determined easily that the trees, along with coordinating glass ornaments from the line, would lead the charge for the rest decor and become staple items for years to come.

The iridescent glass tree set is now available for purchase through Wares Collection. Click here to shop.

The upstairs loft is a shared playroom for Andrea's two littles, who proudly decorate their own tree with all the handmade ornaments and favorite baubles collected from years past!

All is calm- The view from above, starring a perfectly dressed home ready for Christmas dinner, and sweet Hanna keeping watch over it all.

The open concept kitchen exists to entertain.

A large stretch of counter space was begging for a big style moment and a hit of color. Enter a fresh poinsettia grouping to add just the right amount of drama and play up other red accents across the space.

Andrea opted for more natural elements across the kitchen, highlighting fresh citrus garland and wreaths ordered from Etsy.

The table arrangements were born of another fateful shopping excursion, when Andrea happened upon the very last set of eye-catching paper place mats featuring a vintage Christmas ornament motif. The colors are a perfect match to echo the Cody Foster pieces in the living room. From there, her existing red chargers , blue china, and gold silverware were layered in for an easy table setting. To finish the look, two strands of Cody Foster glass balls were mingled between Annie Selke blue candles, a mixture of bottle brush trees and glass trees, and more of her go-to faux garland.

As we move into the last space on this year's holiday home tour, it's worth pausing in the most charming little hallway ever to appreciate Andrea's growing original art collection set against a new black chest.

Last, but not least, the newest stop on the tour is a sultry music room that was just completed last month. Formerly a nursery, this room swapped the crib for amps, a piano and walls lined in guitars to suit a family who thrives on music.

Gold accents, magnolia leaves, and an understated collection of trees accents a room with "Slash" levels of attitude and inspiration.



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